Joshua Bible Trivia Quiz With Questions & Answers

Test your knowledge of the Book of Joshua by taking this Joshua Bible Quiz.

Whether you’re a curious newcomer or a seasoned scholar, this trivia challenge with questions and answers will test your familiarity with the sixth Book of the Old Testament and discover how much you truly know.

Scoring: This quiz has 50 questions and is worth 100 percentage points. Give yourself 2 points for each correct answer and 0 points for each wrong answer. Example: Getting 45 questions correct will earn a 90% score (45 x 2 = 90).

Joshua Bible Trivia Quiz

True or False: The Book of Joshua details the peaceful settlement of the Israelites throughout the Promised Land.
Answer: False. The Book focuses on the military conquest of Canaan by the Israelites (Joshua 1:1-18 ).

Question: Who did God appoint to succeed Moses as leader of the Israelites?
Answer: Joshua son of Nun (Joshua 1:1)

Question: What miraculous event allowed the Israelites to cross the Jordan River to enter the Promised Land?
Answer: The water miraculously parted, allowing them to walk across on dry ground (Joshua 3).

Question: What action did Joshua take at Gibeath Haaraloth, now named Gilgal, after crossing the Jordan?
Answer: He circumcised all the Israelite men who had not been circumcised in the wilderness (Joshua 5:2-9)

Question: What city did the Israelites first conquer in Canaan after crossing the Jordan?
Answer: Jericho (Joshua 6)

True or False: The Book of Joshua specifically mentions the construction of the Ark of the Covenant.
Answer: False. The Ark’s construction is detailed in the Book of Exodus, while Joshua focuses on its use during the conquest.

Question: What strategy did the Israelites use to conquer Jericho?
Answer: They marched around the city walls for seven days blowing trumpets, then gave a loud shout on the last day, and the walls collapsed (Joshua 6).

Question: How many days did the Israelites march around Jericho?
Answer: Seven (Joshua 6)

Question: What city did the Israelites fail to conquer due to a sin committed by Achan?
Answer: Ai (Joshua 7)

Question: How did the Israelites determine the borders of the tribal inheritances in the Promised Land?
Answer: The land was divided by lot, overseen by Joshua and the priest Eleazar (Joshua 14:1-5).

True or False: The Book of Joshua opens with God saying to Joshuah, “As I was with Aaron, so I will be with you.”
Answer: False. It says, “As I was with Moses, so I will be with you. (Joshua 1:5)”

Question: What six cities were designated as Cities of Refuge for unintentional killers?
Answer: Kedesh, Shechem, Kiriath (Hebron), Bezer, Ramoth, and Golan (Joshua 20)

Question: What mistake did Achan make, leading to his punishment and the defeat at Ai?
Answer: He disobeyed God’s command and took items devoted to the Lord from Jericho (Joshua 7).

Question: What did Joshua remind the Israelites of in his farewell speech?
Answer: The importance of remaining faithful to the covenant (all that is written in the Book of the Law of Moses) and God’s faithfulness in keeping His promises (Joshua 23).

Question: What challenge did Joshua present to the Israelites after his farewell speech, which they declared they would do?
Answer: To choose to serve the Lord (Joshua 24:14-24).

True or False: The Book of Joshua emphasizes the importance of the king as the leader of the Israelites in the Promised Land.
Answer: False. There is no mention of a king in Joshua. Leadership is focused on Joshua and the tribal leaders.

Question: Where was Joshua buried after his death?
Answer: Timnath-Serah, in the hill country of Ephraim – the land of his inheritance (Joshua 24:30 )

Question: Who was named the successor of Joshua as leader of the Israelites after his death?
Answer: The Bible doesn’t explicitly name a successor, but the book of Judges implies a period of leadership by elders and judges.

Question: How many Israelite spies were sent to Jericho by Joshua?
Answer: Two (Joshua 2)

Question:  What did the Israelite spies promise to Rahab in exchange for hiding them and helping them escape the city?
Answer: They would spare her and her family when Jericho was conquered (Joshua 2).

True or False: Joshua died at the age of 110.
Answer: True. (Joshua 24:29)

Question: What did the Israelites carry around the walls of Jericho during the seven days before the walls collapsed?
Answer: The Ark of the Covenant (Joshua 6)

Question: What was forbidden for the Israelites to take from Jericho after its conquest?
Answer: Anything devoted to the Lord, such as silver, gold, and bronze which must go into the treasury (Joshua 6:17-19).

Question: What punishment did Achan receive for taking items devoted to the Lord from Jericho?
Answer: Stoning to death (Joshua 7)

Question: What large city did the Israelites conquer after Ai?
Answer: Hazor (Joshua 11:10-11)

True or False: Joshua is portrayed as a weak and indecisive leader who relies on divine intervention for success.
Answer: False. Joshua is a courageous and faithful leader who follows God’s instructions and inspires the Israelites.

Question: What two things did God instruct Joshua to do to prepare for leading the Israelites which were repeated in Joshua 1:6-9?
Answer: Be strong and courageous, and obey the Book of the Law (Joshua 1:6-9)

Question: What purpose did the twelve stones taken from the middle of the Jordan River serve after the Israelites crossed?
Answer: To serve as a memorial, a reminder to future generations of Israel that the flow of the Jordan was cut off before the ark of the covenant  (Joshua 4:1-7).

Question: What was celebrated on the evening of the fourteenth day of the month at Gilgal after crossing the Jordan symbolize?
Answer: Passover (Joshua 5:10)

Question: What type of ruse did the Gibeonites use to avoid being conquered by the Israelites?
Answer: They pretended to be travelers from a distant land by outfitting themselves with worn-out clothes and carrying old provisions (Joshua 9:3-6).

True or False: Joshua appointed a third spy to scout Jericho before the final conquest.
Answer: False. Only two spies were sent to Jericho (Joshua 2).

Question: What consequence did the Israelites face for making a peace treaty with the Gibeonites who had deceived them?
Answer: The Gibeonites became permanent servants for the Tabernacle as woodcutters and water carriers (Joshua 9:23-26).

Question: Which tribe received the city of Hebron as part of their inheritance?
Answer: Judah (Joshua 14:13)

Question: What was the primary instruction Joshua gave the tribes of Reuben, Gad, and half of Manasseh who settled east of the Jordan River?
Answer: To remain faithful to the Lord, to love the Lord with all their heart and soul (Joshua 22:5)

Question: Where did the Israelites set up the Tabernacle after entering the Promised Land, serving as a central place of worship?
Answer: At Shiloh (Joshua 18:1)

True or False: The Ark of the Covenant was carried behind the Israelites as they entered the Jordan to keep it safe from military attackers.
Answer: False. The Ark of the Covenant was carried ahead of the people (Joshua 3:6).

Question: What city is mentioned as the place where the Israelites assembled with Joshua to renew their covenant with the Lord?
Answer: Shechem (Joshua 24:1)

Question: What did Joshua receive as his inheritance after the land was divided?
Answer: Timnath-Serah in the hill country of Ephraim (Joshua 19:49-50)

Question: Where was Eleazar buried after he died?
Answer: Gibeah in the hill country of Ephraim (Joshua 24:33)

Question: Who was responsible for carrying the Ark of the Covenant?
Answer: The Levites (Joshua 3:3)

True or False: After conquering Jericho, the Israelites were allowed to keep all the spoils of war, including any silver and gold they found.
Answer: False. Certain items were devoted to the Lord and forbidden to be taken, such as gold and silver which were to be put in the treasury (Joshua 6:17-19).

Question: When Joshua was near Jericho, who was the man he saw standing in with a sword drawn?
Answer: The Commander of the Lord’s Army (Joshua 5:14)

Question: How many kings joined forces to attack Gibeon after Joshua made a treaty with the Gibeonites?
Answer: Five kings (Joshua 10:5)

Question: What natural phenomenon did the Lord use to defeat the Amorite armies?
Answer: A hailstorm (Joshua 10:11)

True or False: The Commander of the Lord’s Army instructed Joshua to take off his tunic, for the place he was standing was holy.
Answer: False. He was asked to take off his sandals (Joshua 5:15).

Question: What was Rahab’s occupation?
Answer: Prostitute (Joshua 2)

Question: Where did the Sun stop at the word of Joshua?
Answer: Gibeon (Joshua 10:12-13)

Question: Where did the Moon stop at the word of Joshua?
Answer: Valley of Aijalon (Joshua 10:12-13)

Question: Through which river did Joshua and his people walk through with the Ark of the Covenant?
Answer: Jordan River (Joshua 3)

Question: Where did Joshua build an altar to the Lord after eating Ai as instructed by Moses?
Answer: Mount Ebal (Joshua 8:30)

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