Exodus Bible Trivia Quiz With Questions & Answers

Test your knowledge of the Book of Exodus by taking this Exodus Bible Quiz.

Whether you’re a curious newcomer or a seasoned scholar, this trivia challenge with questions and answers will test your familiarity with the second Book of the Old Testament and discover how much you truly know.

Scoring: This quiz has 50 questions and is worth 100 percentage points. Give yourself 2 points for each correct answer and 0 points for each wrong answer. Example: Getting 45 questions correct will earn a 90% score (45 x 2 = 90).

Exodus Bible Trivia Quiz

True or False: The Book of Exodus tells the story of the birth and early life of Jesus.
Answer: False. Exodus is about God rescuing the Israelites from slavery in Egypt and then establishing them as His own people

Question: Who was the Pharaoh of Egypt during the Israelites’ enslavement?
Answer: The Pharoah is not named in Exodus.

Question: Where was baby Moses hidden by his mother?
Answer: In an ark of bulrushes (or small basket) in the Nile River.

Question: Who found and adopted baby Moses?
Answer: Pharaoh’s daughter

Question: What was Moses’ job before he became a leader of the Israelites?
Answer: Shepherd

True or False: The Israelites willingly chose to live in Egypt.
Answer: False. There was a famine in the land of Canaan which drove the Israelites to Egypt.

Question: Through what did God speak to Moses?
Answer: A burning bush that wasn’t consumed by fire.

True or False: Pharaoh agreed to let the Israelites go after the fourth plague.
Answer: False

Question: How many plagues did God send upon Egypt?
Answer: Ten

Question: What was the first plague?
Answer: The Nile River turns to blood.

Question: What did the Israelites use to mark their doorposts during the Passover plague?
Answer: The blood of a lamb.

Question: Which sea did the Israelites cross on their escape from Egypt?
Answer: The Red Sea

Question: What miraculous food did God provide for the Israelites during their wanderings?
Answer: Manna

Question: What bird did God send the Israelites for meat?
Answer: Quail

Question: On what mountain did Moses receive the Ten Commandments?
Answer: Mount Sinai

True or False: The parting of the Red Sea allowed the Israelites to escape on foot.
Answer: True

Question: What was the name of Moses’ brother who assisted him in leading the Israelites?
Answer: Aaron

Question: What was the golden object the Israelites worshipped in Moses’ absence?
Answer: A golden calf.

Question: How many days and nights did Moses spend on Mount Sinai receiving the Law?
Answer: 40 days and nights

Question: What were the cherubim on the Ark of the Covenant made of?
Answer: Gold

True or False: Aaron threw his staff down and it turned into a serpent before Pharaoh.
Answer: True

Question: What did the Israelites wear on their garments to remember the Exodus?
Answer: Tassels (Tzitzit)

Question: Besides the Ten Commandments, what other instructions did God give Moses on Mount Sinai?
Answer: Instructions for building the Tabernacle and its rituals.

Question: Who were the two men chosen by God to oversee the construction of the Tabernacle?
Answer: Bezalel and Oholiab 

Question: What were some of the materials used to build the Tabernacle?
Answer: Gold, silver, bronze, yarn, linen, goat hair, animal skins, acacia wood, olive oil, spices, stones, and gems.

True or False: Manna did not fall on the Sabbath.
Answer: True. The day before the Sabbath, twice as much manna fell, and the Lord told the children of Israel to gather enough for two days.

Question: What was the purpose of the Tabernacle?
Answer: A portable dwelling place for God to be present with the Israelites.

Question: What separated the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place in the Tabernacle?
Answer: A veil

Question: What object resided in the Most Holy Place?
Answer: The Ark of the Covenant

Question: What did the high priest wear on his headplate to identify him?
Answer: A gold plate inscribed with the words “Holy to the Lord” or “Holiness to the Lord” depending on the Bible translation.

Question: What color was the cord attached to the headplate?
Answer: Blue

True or False: The Passover lamb had to be without blemish and a male of the first year.
Answer: True

Question: What material was used to cover the Tabernacle?
Answer: Rams’ skins and goat skins

Question: What did the priests wear while performing their duties?
Answer: Linen garments

Question: How were the Levites chosen to serve at the Tabernacle?
Answer: All firstborn sons of Israel were dedicated to God and the Levite tribe was specifically chosen to assist the priests.

True or False: The Ten Commandments included instructions on building the Tabernacle.
Answer: False

Question: What object did Aaron use to turn the Nile’s water to blood?
Answer: His staff

Question: What was the name of Moses’ wife?
Answer: Zipporah

Question: How many plagues could the Egyptian magicians replicate?
Answer: Two

True or False: The Ten Commandments were written on the tablets of stone by Moses himself.
Answer: False. The Ten Commandments were written by God.

Question: What did the Israelites gather before leaving Egypt, following God’s instruction?
Answer: Manna

Question: What song did Moses and the Israelites sing after crossing the Red Sea?
Answer: The Song of the Sea

Question: Who was Miriam in Exodus?
Answer: Miriam was a prophetess. She was also the sister of Aaron and Moses.

Question: What bitter substance did the Israelites encounter in the wilderness, making the water undrinkable?
Answer: Marah

Question: How did Moses make the bitter water sweet?
Answer: By throwing a piece of wood that God showed him into the water.

True or False: The golden calf was an idol the Israelites worshipped in Moses’ absence.
Answer: True

Question: What covenant did God establish with the Israelites at Mount Sinai?
Answer: The Mosaic Covenant, outlining the laws and obligations for both God and the Israelites.

Question: What did the twelve pillars erected at Rephidim represent?
Answer: The twelve tribes of Israel.

Question: Who complained about the lack of meat in the wilderness, prompting God to send quail?
Answer: The Israelites.

True or False: The fire of the Lord was upon the Tabernacle by day and the cloud was on it by night.
Answer: False. The cloud of the Lord was upon the Tabernacle by day and the fire was on it by night.

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