Parable of the Householder: Verse, Meaning & Lesson

The Parable of the Householder is in Matthew 13:52. Jesus told this parable to illustrate that a teacher of God’s Word in the Kingdom of Heaven can minister from both the traditional teachings and new revelations of Scripture.

This guide gives you a complete summary of the Parable of the Householder, including the verse in Scripture, the meaning, and lessons that can be applied to the Christian life.

Note: This parable is also referred to as the Parable of the Scribe.

Parable of the Householder In Scripture

Matthew 13:52 – Parable of the Householder

He said to them, “Therefore every scribe who has been made a disciple in the Kingdom of Heaven is like a man who is a householder, who brings out of his treasure new and old things.”

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Parable of the Householder Meaning

This parable means that every spiritual teacher who is part of the Kingdom of Heaven can minister from both traditional teachings (“old”) and new revelations (“new”) to the faithful, drawing from the full breadth of God’s Word.

Jesus told this metaphor to encourage leaders and teachers within the church to be well-versed in all aspects of biblical teaching, capable of guiding and enriching the spiritual lives of their communities with wisdom that spans the ages.

The “householder” in the parable represents the work of a true minister who feeds the household of faith from a rich storehouse of essential spiritual treasures that come from both the established Scriptures in the Old Testament and the new revelations of Christ in the New Testament.

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Parable of the Householder Lessons

Value the Old and the New

The main lesson is that both the longstanding traditions of the Old Testament and the fresh insights of Christianity in the New Testament are treasures that contribute to spiritual growth and understanding among believers.

Embrace the Role of Discipleship

Christians are called to learn and teach God’s Word, becoming disciples who can share the wisdom of the Scriptures with others. Therefore, you should embrace this role of discipleship and make the reading of God’s Word a priority so you can answer that call.

Christianity Is a Continuous Journey

Another lesson is that the faith journey doesn’t end; it involves a constant pursuit of deeper knowledge and a stronger relationship with God, which comes through Bible reading, prayer, and fellowship with other Christians.

Refresh and Revisit Spiritual Treasures

Regularly reading the teachings of Jesus and the experiences of faith from both the Old and New Testaments helps to reinforce and deepen one’s spiritual understanding. You cannot fully understand God’s plan for redemption unless you study the entire text of the Bible.

Seek Deeper Faith and Understanding

Ultimately, the parable encourages Christians to seek a more meaningful life and greater inner peace through a deeper understanding of Jesus’ teachings.

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Summary of the Parable of the Householder

We hope you enjoyed this summary of the Parable of the Householder.

As you discovered, the Parable of the Householder appears in Matthew 13:47–50. And the primary meaning of the parable is that a true teacher of God’s Word can draw from both traditional teachings (old) and new revelations (new) of Christ. The life lessons include valuing the old and new revelations of God, embracing the role of discipleship, knowing it will be a continuous journey, revisiting teachings from both divisions of the Bible, and seeking a deeper faith and understanding of God’s Holy Word.

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