Exodus Chapter 10 Summary

Exodus chapter 10 recounts another confrontation between Moses and Aaron and the Pharaoh of Egypt, and God sending more plagues to Egypt.

Summary of Exodus 10

God instructs Moses and Aaron to deliver another message to Pharaoh demanding the Israelites be released. Pharaoh again refuses, prompting God to unleash a devastating plague of locusts upon Egypt.

God explains to Moses that He has hardened Pharaoh’s heart so that He can display His power in Egypt. Moses and Aaron deliver the message to Pharaoh, warning him of the coming locusts. The locusts arrive in a massive swarm, consuming all vegetation in their path. Devastated by the plague, Pharaoh pleads with Moses to intervene. Moses agrees to pray, and God removes the locusts with a strong wind. However, Pharaoh hardens his heart once more and refuses to let the Israelites go.

In response, God instructs Moses to stretch out his hand toward the sky so that total darkness will spread over Egypt. No one in Egypt could see anything for several days except for the Israelites who had sufficient light by God’s provision in the places where they lived. Pharoah agrees to let the Israelites worship their Lord if the plague is lifted but then reneges on his promise by not letting them go.

Exodus 10 Themes

  • God’s Power: The plague of locusts and darkness demonstrates God’s absolute control over nature and the universe.
  • Confrontation: The chapter portrays the ongoing clash of wills between God and Pharaoh.
  • Consequences of Disobedience: Pharaoh’s refusal to submit to God brings further suffering upon Egypt.

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