Bible Reading Plan for Beginners (With Printable PDF)

This Bible reading plan for beginners is your weekly guide to getting a good introduction to the Bible. The plan takes you through a set of three two-week reading tracks to explore key passages of the Bible that every Christian should know.

Each week contains a set of seven readings. This structure allows you to assign each set of Bible chapters to a specific day of the week (Sunday through Saturday) or to make a personalized plan for how to fit the chapters into your weekly schedule (e.g., mornings, afternoons, or evenings).

Below, you’ll find these resources:

  • An overview of the Bible study plan for beginners.
  • A section with a link to download the printable PDF version of the guide that lets you check off each of the Scriptures as you read through them.
  • A collection of additional Bible plans to use.

Bible Reading Plan for Beginners Overview

This beginner Bible reading plan has been adapted from Track 1 of the 3-Track Plan in the NIV Student Bible. It gives a good introduction to the Bible that is easy to read and understand.

Old Testament Readings

Week 1:

  • Genesis 1: The story of creation
  • Genesis 3: The origin of sin
  • Genesis 22: Abraham and Isaac
  • Exodus 3: Moses’ encounter with God
  • Exodus 20: The gift of the Ten Commandments
  • 1 Samuel 17: David and Goliath
  • 2 Samuel 11: David and Bathsheba

Week 2:

  • 2 Samuel 12: Nathan’s rebuke of the king
  • 1 Kings 18: Elijah and the prophets of Baal
  • Job 38: God’s answer to Job
  • Psalm 51: A classic confession
  • Isaiah 40: Words of comfort from God
  • Daniel 6: Daniel and the lions
  • Amos 4: A prophet’s stern warning

Note: If you are new to the Bible and need recommendations on a good beginner-friendly Bible to study Scripture, then check out our guide on the best Bible for beginners.

Life and Teachings of Jesus Readings

Week 3:

  • Luke 1: Preparing for Jesus’ arrival
  • Luke 2: The story of Jesus’ birth
  • Mark 1: The beginning of Jesus’ ministry
  • Mark 9: A day in the life of Jesus
  • Matthew 5: The Sermon on the Mount
  • Matthew 6: The Sermon on the Mount continued
  • Luke 15: Parables of Jesus

Week 4:

  • John 3: A conversation with Jesus
  • John 14: Jesus’ final instructions
  • John 17: Jesus’ prayer for His disciples
  • Matthew 26: Betrayal and arrest of Jesus
  • Matthew 27: Jesus’ execution on the cross
  • John 20: Jesus’ resurrection
  • Luke 24: Jesus’ appearance after the resurrection

Life and Teachings of Paul Readings

Week 5:

  • Acts 9: The conversion of Saul
  • Acts 16: Paul’s Macedonian call and a jailbreak
  • Acts 17: Scenes from Paul’s missionary journey
  • Acts 26: Paul tells his life story to a king
  • Acts 27: Shipwreck on the way to Rome
  • Acts 28: Paul’s arrival in Rome
  • Romans 3: Paul’s theology in a nutshell

Week 6:

  • Romans 7: The struggle with sin
  • Romans 8: Life in the Spirit
  • 1 Corinthians 13: Paul’s description of love
  • 1 Corinthians 15: Thoughts on the afterlife
  • Galatians 5: Freedom in Christ
  • Ephesians 3: Paul’s summary of his mission
  • Philippians 2: Imitating Christ

Printable Bible Reading Plan for Beginners PDF

You can download the free printable Bible reading plan for beginners PDF by clicking on the button below. Use this PDF to check off each of the chapter readings as you complete them throughout the week.

More Bible Reading Plans

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