All Bible Chapters In Order

Explore a list of all Bible chapters in order for every book of the Bible. Choose a chapter below to begin reading the Holy Scriptures at any point in the book.

If you want a more consolidated Bible chapters list for a specific division of the Bible, then use one of these guides: Old Testament Chapters In Order and New Testament Chapters In Order.

All Bible Chapters In Order

Genesis Chapters

Exodus Chapters

Leviticus Chapters

Numbers Chapters

Deuteronomy Chapters

Joshua Chapters

Judges Chapters

Ruth Chapters

1 Samuel Chapters

2 Samuel Chapters

1 Kings Chapters

2 Kings Chapters

1 Chronicles Chapters

2 Chronicles Chapters

Ezra Chapters

Nehemiah Chapters

Esther Chapters

Job Chapters

Psalms Chapters

Proverbs Chapters

Ecclesiastes Chapters

Song of Solomon Chapters

Isaiah Chapters

Jeremiah Chapters

Lamentations Chapters

Ezekiel Chapters

Daniel Chapters

Hosea Chapters

Joel Chapters

Amos Chapters

Obadiah Chapters

Jonah Chapters

Micah Chapters

Nahum Chapters

Habakkuk Chapters

Zephaniah Chapters

Haggai Chapters

Zechariah Chapters

Malachi Chapters

Matthew Chapters

Mark Chapters

Luke Chapters

John Chapters

Acts Chapters

Romans Chapters

1 Corinthians Chapters

2 Corinthians Chapters

Galatians Chapters

Ephesians Chapters

Philippians Chapters

Colossians Chapters

1 Thessalonians Chapters

2 Thessalonians Chapters

1 Timothy Chapters

2 Timothy Chapters

Titus Chapters

Philemon Chapters

Hebrews Chapters

James Chapters

1 Peter Chapters

2 Peter Chapters

1 John Chapters

2 John Chapters

3 John Chapters

Jude Chapters

Revelation Chapters

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